Text Loans

A smaller paycheque is usually not enough to meet both the regular and unforeseen expenses during a month. Many salaried people get the same amount of paycheque despite the price escalation of the commodities. So, getting a loan to pay off electricity bill and credit card bill on time has become common with the salaried class of people. Text loans are considered by most of the salaried people as easy source of money just when it is required. At Payday Text Loans, we arrange offers of text loans for the UK salaried people.

We arrange the lenders for your requirement of loans that are available to you simply by sending a text message to the lending company. The text loans allows you to apply only once when you register your name for the loan with the lender. After the registration, you will only send a text message from your mobile phone. Upon getting the SMS, the lender will instantly identify you by the code number allotted to you. Since the lender has already verified your eligibility at the time of registration, you can instantly get the approved loan amount.

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We can arrange the text loans lenders who will approve you for up to £100 after completion of your registration and giving you a code for the loan. During the registration process, prove your employment, monthly salary, which should be at least £400, and residential address. The registered borrowers can have the cash within 24 hours. The lender will use wire transfer method to deposit the loan amount in your bank account. An adult applicant of above 18 years of age having a bank account can apply for the loan. Mobile text loans are short-term loans for one week only. So, you can pay back the loan on getting your next paycheque.

Generally, text loans are available also to those UK residents who have a bad credit history. The lenders take the risk of providing the cash to such borrowers since most of them can pay back a smaller cash from next salary.

So, get started with us to find out offers of text loans from the UK loan marketplace to compare various lenders.